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Hotel Shri Krishna


  • Pandava Caves

    Pandava Caves

  • Catholic Church

    Catholic Church

  • Priyadarshini Point

    Priyadarshini Point

  • Jatashankar


  • Apsara Vihar (Fairy Pool)

    Apsara Vihar (Fairy Pool)

    Apsara Vihar is a part of a national park. This place is known for several rare plants including some rare orchids. Apsara Vihar is a abode for Tiger, Panther, Wild boar, peacock, monkeys and Langurs.

  • Handi Khoh

    Handi Khoh

  • Rajat Prapat (Silver Fall)

    Rajat Prapat (Silver Fall)

  • Mahadeo


  • Jalawataran (Duchess Fall)

    Jalawataran (Duchess Fall)

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